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DALBAR's Robo-advisor Full Report + Collateral


From an industry that launched in 2012, reported estimates forecast robo-advisors will attract between two and five trillion dollars in assets under management in the US by 2020. How can firms in the traditional and digital advice spaces effectively position themselves to capitalize on this fast moving opportunity?

DALBAR's full report on the emerging robo-advisor experience helps to answer this question by providing crucial and comprehensive insights on the pathway to becoming a robo-adviser client.

Provided in slide-deck format, DALBAR's full report uses real-world data gathered from mystery shoppers to compare major onboarding metrics at 10 popular Canadian firms and five US robo-advisor practices.

Specifically, this report analyzes:

  • Communication with robo-advisor firms through key online channels
  • Onboarding interviews and risk assessment
  • Authentication strategies
  • Fee disclosures 
  • Account funding pathways
  • Client perceptions

In addition to the insights provided in the report, the collateral documentation add on provides a full view of the types of communication clients receive during the account opening process. Collateral pieces are in hard copy format and will be delivered via courier upon receipt of payment.

Purchase the report and collateral documents add-on today to gain the most detailed understanding of the robo-advisor onboarding experience available.

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