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The rise in robo-advisors is expected to change the landscape in how investments are purchased and how advice is delivered. With a high level of interest in whether Canadians will truly embrace this new type of service offering, DALBAR has compared and analysed the onboarding experience at robo-advisors in Canada (and a few in the US) from the unique vantage point of the client. The onboarding experience is a critical first point of contact between a firm and its new clients. 

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The study will include the following:

  • Communication between robo-advisor and client through key online channels
  • Risk assessment activities
  • Authentication strategies
  • Fee disclosures
  • Account funding pathways
  • Client perceptions of the onboarding experience


Study subscribers will experience the following:

  •  Identification of early trends and most innovative practices from robo-advisors
  • Client assessments of the onboarding process across different platforms
  • Highlights of strengths and determination of areas for improvement
  • Meaningful data to better understand robo-advisor services